Adler PPT has developed a software selection methodology that can be applied to any type of business management software, including CRM and other unique issues that are a consequence of diverse, decentralized environments. There are 8 key issues to be considered:

  • Functionality: Software features to automate business processes such as accounting, marketing, sales, and customer service/support
  • Usability: User experience in both learning and using the software
  • Solution Realization: Cost of software license, maintenance, support, and implementation, implementation strategy and assistance, evaluating the software vendor
  • Integration: “Out-of-the-box” integrations included with the application or available from the software vendor
  • Technology: Software architecture tools for customization, tailoring, and custom integration
  • Internal Technology Support: Internal company application support resources
  • Access: How centralized or decentralized a company is for software access: Will all users access the system from a single location, or is there a mixture of in-house and remote users?
  • International: Software features for international use

Each spoke of the model contains additional levels of complexity, which vary depending on each client’s particular needs. Some companies, for example, may have no current or future international business considerations. For other companies, only solutions with an international scope may be considered.

Adler PPT focuses on each company’s distinctive requirements to drive the creation of the “short list,” and ultimately to narrow the potential software solutions to only those that meet the business process needs (functionality) as well as the other requirements in the model.




Integrating People, Process and Technology for Growth